7 Best E-commerce Digital Marketing Journey in 2024

Here are what to know if you are starting your Ecommerce business or what to know as a beginner.

ecommerce digital marketing

Kindly follow me let’s see what we get today;

1. Start with Traffic Sources 🌐

website Traffic Sources

Social Media: Engage and attract with compelling posts and ads on your social media account which will give you more engagement and drive organic traffic to your Ecommerce Store.

SEO: Optimize for search engines to rank higher organically among others Ecommerce that have be ranking before on search engine result.

– PPC: Invest in paid ads to reach a wider audience, this will be able to give you more in return and get your audience closer to you.

2. Website Visit

Content Engagement: Encourage visitors to read blogs and explore product pages more in your website. Keeping your audience in your website give you more recognition from search engine result that website visitor find your website interesting and it gives you low bounce rate, with this Google sees your website as good to go for audience in your niche to get the best they need.

Email Signup: Capture leads with enticing sign-up offers for your website visitors.

3. Product Page Visit πŸ›οΈ

Product Page

Add to Cart: Motivate visitors with detailed descriptions and attractive images which will make your visitor to find more interesting in your website and even book-make your URL.

4. Checkout Process πŸ’³

Order Confirmation: Ensure a seamless and secure checkout experience which your customers will be able to get more option to choose any kind of payment method they want and okay with them without issues or resection due to location.

5. Post-Purchase Engagement πŸ“§

Post-Purchase Email: Keep customers informed with follow-up emails, this will let your customers have you in mind even after days/weeks of visiting your website.

Join Loyalty Program: Invite them to join for future rewards.

6. Customer Support 🀝

Provide top-notch support to ensure satisfaction and build trust.

7. Retention Strategies πŸ”„

Satisfied Customer: Focus on creating a great experience to encourage repeat purchases.

Retention:Use remarketing and personalized emails to keep them coming back.

Takeaways key πŸ”‘ :

– Diversify your traffic sources.

Optimize every step of the customer journey.

Engage and retain customers with personalized strategies

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